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My Honest Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron Review

As a beauty guru, finding and trying various hair products is what I do. The perfect curling iron review may not exist, but there are many brands that come very close to offering the perfect iron. One of my personal favorite brands to buy hair products would have to be Infiniti, mainly because they really put into consideration the requests and needs of their consumers. My personal favorite irons from Infiniti would probably be their Pro Conair curling iron. Before I purchased it, of course, I read through various Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron reviews and was impressed by how positive they were. The following statements are my personal opinions and views of this curling iron, and hopefully, it will help you make a decision on whether to buy one for yourself or not.

My Honest Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron Review

One of the first things I noticed when I got my curling iron in the mail was its unique design. It certainly doesn’t look nor function like regular curling irons, but that’s what makes it stand out from the rest. The way it works is simple, section out a tiny bit of your hair into the iron and then click the curl button which it will then proceed to automatically curl your hair. I personally love the fact that it curls so quickly and heats up fast as well. Regular curling irons although they work completely fine, they often take way too much effort to get every curl done perfectly. Since this is an automatic curler, every section of hair will have the same curl density enabling you to achieve the perfect hairstyle with ease.

The curling iron can heat up to 400 degrees f which is extremely hot. Despite the great heat though, it doesn’t damage the hair whatsoever. I love the fact that it was made with a tourmaline ceramic technology which helps to prevent frizz and another flyaway so from occurring. This ensures that your hair stays protected and damage-free throughout the day. The curls lasted about 2 hours for me without using hairspray or hair product and about 5 hours when I used a product. Since I naturally have very straight hair, finding the perfect curler was always a must for me, and so I have been able to try countless curlers throughout the years. The closest curling iron design that I can compare the quality of this one to would have to be the wand.

Curling wands are tremendously effective when it comes to creating long-lasting curls, and this ironer is just as effective if not more than wands. It also was made with a brushless motor to prevent tangles from occurring and to also create instant curls right away. My favorite feature would probably be the sleep mode because I always tend to forget to turn my curlers off after I’m done curling my hair. This also definitely helps to save a lot of energy and prevent accidents from happening.

The only thing I could say may possibly be a drawback would be that it does only have 2 heat levels, high and low. However, other than that, it is a highly functional curling iron that gets the job done fast and easy. I genuinely just love the fact that I don’t have to manually curl my hair like I used to with wands, because it gives me the ability to multitask while getting ready. It will seem a bit strange at first to curl with this ironer, but you’ll eventually get used to it after a couple uses.

In conclusion, overall the Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron is definitely a wonderful product to invest your money in. I personally couldn’t be more satisfied with its functions and would recommend it to every girl who wants a quality and reliable curling iron. The durability is also quite impressive, as I’ve had this curler for a little over 2 months now and it still functions just as well as it did when I first bought it. There really aren’t any negative traits to this curler, and I genuinely think it’s one of the best ones I have ever bought to date because of its many features. It definitely offers all the best qualities of a great curling iron and so much more.