How to Apply Ideal Eye Makeup to Get Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes have generally been in style and are considered to be extremely glamorous primarily for an evening function or party. These very simple steps outlined below can help you out on how to apply great eye makeup to get smoky eyes.

Just before you find out how to apply perfect eye makeup, educate yourself about the various cosmetic brands, goods and the innumerable shades and hues of eyeshadows and pencils that are offered in the marketplace these days. The principal trick to accomplish the smoky appear is to blend, blend and blend employing a combination of light and dark colors.

After applying the concealer and foundation, the subsequent step to get this look is to prepare the eyelid to take on the color. Use a neutral or beige eyeshadow base and apply it all over the lid location. The next tip on how to apply fantastic eye makeup for smoky eyes is to dab on light colored eyeshadow more than the whole lid up to the brow bone. Next, apply the dark shadow as a line just above the upper lid towards the outer edge. Employing a contouring brush, you ought to blend this well into the lighter shade to build an illusion of depth.

The subsequent step is to apply eyeliner you can either use liquid liner or kohl pencil. Pencil color is advised for beginners as it is much easier to apply than a brush. Draw a thin line beginning from the inner edge creating it thicker towards the outside and then create a wing at the outer edge. You can also line the lower lid but use kohl or crayon pencil for this as an alternative of a liquid eyeliner. Smudge the ends of the liner at the outer edge close to the wing into the shadow to get the perfect looking smoky eyes.

If you adhere to these straightforward steps on how to apply great eye makeup, you can accomplish the smoky, attractive look in less than 5 minutes.