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Get Classy with Remington CI9538 T-Studio London Edition – a Sincere Review

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with natural curls. However, there are no reasons to be jealous of your curly-haired friends if you are stuck with boring straight hair. Remington’s CI9538 Wand is a tool that promises to deliver salon-like curls in minutes. You’ll find out in just under a minute:

  • how this product looks;
  • its main features;
  • what others are saying.

General Description

One of the key features that separate a great curling wand from an average one is the glide factor. It’s how well your hair wraps around and glides around the heated barrel. Smoother the glide, lesser the chances of breakages and entanglements. This is where the Remington CI9538 T-Studio London Edition does not disappoint. The wand not only has a high-quality ceramic construction but is also infused with the real pearl. This ceramic pearl technology ensures a very smooth and comfortable operation. With an operating voltage of 120 volts and a barrel size of 1-1.5 inch, the C19538 London edition has an all-black finish with a beautiful floral white design on the handle. The handle is also equipped with a small digital LCD display which shows you the temperature of the wand. The 3 easy-to-use buttons placed right below the display are pretty self-explanatory. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons allow you to set the right temperature while the power button helps turn the device on and off. Another clever little design addition has to be the high-quality swivel power cord. The superior flexibility of the cord design makes it really easy to maneuver the wand without feeling restricted by the power cord.

The look

Using the curling wand

If you are using the CI9538 for the first time, chances are you would be impressed by how easy it is to use. All you need to do is press and hold the power button for a few seconds till the LCD screen lights up. After turning it on when you press the temperature buttons to select the right heat level, the LCD screen displays 3 flashing bars. The 3 bars eventually stop flashing and that when you know that the wand had reached the selected temperature and is ready for use. You can also choose to lock the temperature button by pressing and holding the ‘-‘ button. This unique feature ensures you accidentally don’t change the temperature settings whilst operating the wand. Overall, the product is very simple to use and takes little time to power on and heat up.


Remington CI9538 curling wand is definitely not a product that comes loaded with features. However, it does check all the right boxes by including all the fundamental features right. Let’s take an in-depth look at all the features this device has to offer.

  1. Pearl Ceramic Wand: This is a unique Remington feature that the company is trying to get patented. The infusion of pearl and ceramic creates a barrel surface that’s smoothest in the market today. The added silkiness of the wand not only ensures you hair remains damage free but also lets you style your hair in a hurry.
  2. Digital LCD Display: The simple LCD display eliminates all the guesswork when trying to select the perfect temperature. Apart from digitally displaying the temperature, the display also tells you when the wand is heating up and when the buttons are locked.
  3. High-Temperature Setting: One of the primary reasons why salons do a better job in curling your hair is that is equipped with commercial styling wands with the high-temperature setting. People with thin hair can get the desired result by setting the temperature around 300 to 350 degrees. However, if you have coarse and thick hair, that temperature is nearly not enough. Armed with the highest temperature setting of 410 degrees, the Remington CI9538 delivers the same salon-like quality at home for people with all types of hair.
  4. Quick Heating Time: There is probably nothing more boring than to sit there and wait for a styling wand to reach the right temperature. Saving both time and frustration, the CI9538 can reach from zero to its maximum temperature in a mere 30 seconds.
  5. Auto Shut Off: The heating element of a curling wand can be potentially hazardous if you somehow forget to turn the device off after usage. In these scenarios, the auto shut off comes as a safety feature ensuring the device automatically turns itself off after 60 minutes.
  6. Conical Wand: The conical shape of the heating barrel gives you much more freedom and allows you to create different sized curls. Another advantage of using a conical wand is that it heats up much quicker compared to a regular curling iron.
  7. Buttons Lock: Imagine yourself using a curling iron only to figure out minutes later that you have unknowingly changed the temperature setting. Devices with sensitive buttons are prone to accidental presses. What’s worse is that a temperature setting not suited for your hair type can actually damage your hair. To prevent this from happening, the Remington CI9538 comes with the buttons lock feature. After you select the appropriate temperature you need to press and hold the temperature down button till tiny lock icon appears on the LCD screen. After that, you are ready to use the device, without the fear of accidentally changing the settings.
  8. Long Warranty Period: Normally an electronic device such as a curling iron comes with a warranty of 12 months. Showing great confidence in their built quality, Remington gives an impressive 4-year warranty on this particular product.


Whether you buy it off a store or order it online, there are 3 major items present inside the Remington CI9538 T-Studio London Edition box. Firstly you get the styling wand itself. Along with that, Remington packs in a high-quality thermal glove. This is a great addition as the glove does a great job in protecting your hands from the heating effect of the barrel. Lastly, you get the Use and Care Manual which contains details about safety and how to operate the device.


According to customer reviews gathered from several sources such as Amazon, the Remington CI9538 T-Studio London Edition is a great product that does exactly what it claims to do. Most customers are happy with the ease of operation and the product at an average gets a 4.5 rating on 5. I also like this product and consider it one of the best you can buy out there, for this kind of money. But I would love to know what you think. What is your opinion on this unit?