Based on an idea which originated in Detroit in 2010, Glasgow Soup is a microgranting public dinner where people meet and vote to make local community-based projects and ideas a reality.

Glasgow Soup dinners are open to anyone: whether you need help for an idea that could benefit your community or whether you want to support a local community-based project.

For just £5, you can join the soup revolution and enjoy an evening of food, live music, connections and conversations!

£5 donation to participate

After listening to four short presentations  on projects ranging from art, youth, social justice, education, and lots more, the crowd is invited to share some food and encouraged to debate before voting. Whoever receives the most votes takes home the money collected at the door.


A Glasgow Soup dinner is a platform for democracy and fun. Ultimately our main objectives are to:

–          Make Glasgow a better place to live

–          Encourage people with brave ideas

–          Support local and community-based projects

–          Contribute in creating new jobs

–          Create a safe place for people to share ideas